The development of PCMC began in 2006 as part of the PCDP (Puna Community Development Plan).  One of the committees was” Infrastructure”, which included healthcare facilities.  The PCDP was approved by the County Council in August 2008.  By that time we had already formed a 501(c) non-profit corporation, recruited board members from the community, raised money from a variety of sources, and hired a Clinical Director, Physician and other staff.  We opened our doors in the Pahoa Marketplace February, 2009.

Our doors have been open seven days/week ever since with the exception of the lava flow interruption that occurred in 2015.  We had to close for several days to facilitate a move to a temporary location and 6 months later back to our permanent location. As of June, 2015, we have had over thirty-four thousand medical encounters (visits).

The future is looking bright.  The state DNLR (Department of Land and Natural Resources) has given us a sixty-five year lease on five acres of land in Pahoa (along the Highway 130 corridor) for the construction of an expanded facility, which will include an Emergency Room.  The state has allocated $750,000 for a planning grant to develop the planning for the ER.  The grant is through the Senate’s Ways & Means Committee and is being channeled through state DOH (Department of Health).